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How to include a link to request credit card details in notification emails.

How can I send a secure URL to my subscribers to update their card details through the automated email notifications in ChargeBee?

The link to update the card can be included in the card expiry, payment failed or trial ending reminder email notifications.

Steps to include card request URL in notification email :

1. Enable the email notification under Site > Email Notification > Enable Email Notification for the event (Say Card Expired). Read more about enabling email notification.

2. Click on "Customize Template" link located in the right side of the Enable/Disable button.

3. Include the lines given below to your template, and click on "Update Template" to save your changes.


Please update you card details by clicking on this link: 



To test this, use the "Card Expiry" notification. This is because if you send a test email from the preview window, the URL will not be generated.

Create a new subscription in your ChargeBee TEST site with your email address. Use the plan specific hosted page URL to create the subscription. When entering the card details, set the card expiry values to the current month and year. When the subscription is created, you will get a card expiry notification with the link.

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