When creating a new subscription through the API, what are the limitations on providing an ID?

When I create a new subscription through the API (more precisely, when I request a hosted page through the API to checkout a new subscription), I can provide a subscription ID. 

I would like to be able to provide a specific subscription ID so that I can map that subscription directly to an entry in my database. Are there any limitations on what these IDs can be? If I make sure that I only use IDs that I have never used before and keep them alphanumeric, is it guaranteed to always work? Or will there be a conflict if another customer of your service has already used that ID?

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Hello Oakley,

As long as the ID is unique for you, it will work. There will be no conflict with another customer. At every level it is unique to your site. 



Hello Krish,

Thanks for the quick reply!


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