Pass Gift Information via Gift Purchase Hosted Page API

We would like the ability to pass, at the very least, the email of the intended recipient to the Gift Purchase Hosted Page API, so that it recipient's email appears automatically when the gifter prepares the gift.

Our use case is this:

  1. Gifter puts in the email address for their recipient on our site.
  2. Our site looks up the recipient in our user database via the email.
  3. Our site checks to make sure the recipient is eligible for a gift.
  4. If the recipient is eligible, we send the email via the Gift Purchase Hosted Page API so that it automatically populates in the gift purchase form.
Currently a Gifter has to input the email for the recipient twice, once so that we can check for eligibility and again when the Gift Hosted Page asks for the recipients's email. We would like it so the Gifter only has to do this once on our site and we can just pass it to the Hosted Page.

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Hi Jefferson,

Thank you for sharing those details! We have added your input as a feature enhancement request to also keep you in loop when we'll eventually be taking this up.

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