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Quickbooks/Stripe Reconciliation Plugin | Does it work for anyone at all?

This is a combination ask of the community + a bit of a gripe regarding the Quickbooks Stripe Reconciliation plugin. Has anyone at all gotten the Quickbooks/Stripe reconciliation plugin to work consistently? My experience has been that it is almost completely unusable and needs a complete rethink/rewrite. Among the issues:

1. There are two Quickbooks/Stripe reconciliation plugins available. One does absolutely nothing. The other one seems to attempt to do something, but fails.

The failures include:

2. Persistent error messages saying, "The accounting server is taking too long to respond." This is from a fiber connection, and it happens regardless of whether that fiber connection is at the office, or at home. 

3. Once the plugin resumes, it automatically switches accounts and attempts to start matching transactions in the bank account rather than the stripe account. Shock of shocks, that fails. I've even tried to work around this by reordering the accounts in the banking section of Quickbooks. Still fails. 

4. A failure wherein it seemingly DOES match a transaction, but you get an error in quickbooks where it says, "Are you sure you want to leave before this is saved" or something to that effect. 

5. A combination failure of the above errors wherein two or more of these errors occur simultaneously. 

Collectively, these failures make the Quickbooks/Stripe plugin unusable. It literally is faster to do it manually, and that's saying a lot when we're talking about thousands of transactions. 

I'd be interested to know if anyone has actually gotten this to work, or if you're just handing this off to an employee to do manually. For us, it seems worse than actually is slows down the manual work by giving you periodic hope that there might be some automation that works...but alas, it doesn't work.

Overall, it seems as if the entire notion of a Chrome extension might not be the way to go here, but I'm not sure what else is available? Possibly something using the Stripe and Quickbooks APIs? It seems that there needs to be an entirely different approach here. 

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