If a customer enables automatic monthly payments, is Chargebee doing that or Stripe?

Hi everyone,

We were using a different billing system for awhile to do monthly charges for our customers, and used Stripe as the payment gateway. The issue we had with it, was with that billing system, any time a customer would pay an invoice, but then check the box to save their credit card for automatic monthly payments, it was actually Strip doing that and not our billing system which caused so many issues.  For example, if the service was $250 per month, they would enable automatic monthly payments, but then Stripe would charge them $250 each month, even if our billing system invoiced them for $280, or a different amount.  Even if I would cancel a service in our billing system, Stripe would continue to charge the customer every month.  It was also an issue where customers would check to save their credit card for future payments, as then when they wanted to update the card we would have to tell the customer to contact Stripe to do it as we couldn't from our end.

Does Chargebee work the same way?  I'm really looking to find a billing system that does everything, and only uses Stripe to run the actual card.  So if a customer adds a card for automatic monthly payments, I want that saved in Chargebee to charge their card based on what they are charged in Chargebee, and not with Stripe. 

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Hello Lee, 

Thank you for sharing the details around your requirements. From the sounds of it looks like Chargebee is exactly what you are looking for. 

And YES, Chargebee will be the central source of information/truth for your billing and subscription management.

I have listed your areas of interest that is support by Chargebee.

  • When a credit card is added to a customer record Chargebee stores it for future use (recurring billing)
  • When your customer's card data changes, Chargebee will automatically be updated with the new card data, for selected gateways which includes Stripe.
  • When you cancel a subscription on chargebee, Chargebee will not charge the customer until the subscription status changes, or manual intervention ( no subscription will be on stripe)
  • We provide a customer portal where your customers can manage their subscription, view invoice, update address & payment details. 
  • When using Chargebee you are not Locked-in with a particular gateway, as all your customer & subscription data is on Chargebee, thus you are free to move between gateways, and support multiple payment options for your customers. Which is proven to increase purchase ratio.

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Also, you mentioned that you need to save the card data outside of the gateway? I would like to understand the issues you facing around this, as Chargebee uses a tokenization mechanism with the gateway, where the actual card data is stored in a vault, mostly provided by the gateway. 



Chargebee Solutions Team.

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