Quote improvement: Better support for multiple quotes per customer


We have a use case where our customers sign-up with us for multiple products at once. This may mean different plans when they signup so it cannot just be multiple PER UNIT plans in a subscription.

Any of the ideas below could improve things

Quote consolidation

  1. Select quotes for a customer and send consolidated quote email
  2. Accept and pay link would show all the quote to customer during checkout
  3. Customer can deselect any quote during checkout
  4. Subscriptions created for all quotes selected after successful checkout

Multiple subscriptions per quote:
  • Just what it says, allow a quote to encompass multiple subscriptions, add as many as you like.

Multiple plans in a subscription (just throwing this one in, but I imagine it's very unlikely):
  • When creating a subscription (or quote) you can add multiple plans the same way you can add multiple addons.


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Hey Justin, 

Thanks for writing in. 

Any quote that is created is considered as an agreement with the customer and hence a change after the quote is generated is not allowed currently. Having said that, the ability to edit a quote has already been taken up as a feature request on our product roadmap and the feature is expected to be live by the end of January 2020. 

 That being said, we will try to release this earlier and keep you posted.

Also answered here-  https://support.chargebee.com/a/forums/topics/328282