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Hubspot Integration

Dear Chargebee team,

we are using Chargebee for quite a while and are quite happy with this decision.

To further improve our sales and marketing processes we plan to use Hubspot. We are missing a native integration between both tools. We had a look at third-party solutions but that is not exactly what we need.

Let me share more information about our requirements:

(1) We want to filter our contacts in Hubspot based on their subscription. So for example to send all paying customers an email about a new feature.

(2) We want to understand the conversion mechanism. So for example to know the conversion rates per landing page.

(3) We want to engage our customers to upgrade their subscription.

For us it is not so important to create a Chargebee subscription within Hubspot.

At the SaaStr conference in Paris this summer your team told us that you are working on an Hubspot integration. Can you please share more information about this?

Thanks a lot and kind regards
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