What is 3D Secure? I wish to know more about PSD2 SCA and 3DS, where do I begin?

Remember the times when you bought something online using card and you were taken to an authentication page where you had to verify your purchase? That is 3D Secure. 


3D Secure is an authentication service that verifies the identity of a cardholder. With 3D Secure, the cardholder uses a password or other means of authentication stored separately from their card details. During online payments where 3D Secure is used, cardholders are prompted to provide authentication for the payment.


With 3D Secure in place, as a merchant, you're no longer liable for (some) fraudulent chargebacks when a cardholder denies they made the purchase. The liability shifts to the issuing bank. 


We at Chargebee have curated every bit of information about this compliance in an article here. However, if you wish to know how your payment processor is approaching this problem, then it’d better if you reach out to them. Every payment gateway in Europe is finding different ways to approach the compliance and we at Chargebee are tweaking our ways to provide a fluid experience while sitting on top of these gateways.

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