building a plan with minimum charge and usage

I want to build a plan like this
base-price = 299$

included units in base price = 5000
for every additional 100 units over 5000 = 10$

How do I create a plan like this

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You can create a plan for the base price of $299 and then create a stairstep addon where you can charge the customers $10 for every 100 units. This way, the customer will be charged $299 and the amount for the extra units. Here is a screenshot to help you out. Hope this helps. 

so I will have to create many such steps I guess. will I be able just define it flat $10 for every 100 incrementing units

I am afraid, yes, you will have to create the steps as per your requirement. We currently do not have the option to set one tier as to charge the customers a specific amount for every 100 units after 5000 units. However, I have passed this feedback to the product team. We will let you know when we take this up in the future enhancements. 

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