Payment not collected when card added after end of trial period

Customers often do not add a card to their subscription until they receive the final "trial ended and subscription cancelled" email. They click the "add payment method" button, follow the instructions on screen and then...

Well, it appears that nothing happens which is obviously a very poor experience.

I have already got the "Attempt payment collection when payment method is added" option enabled in the billing rules so I don't know why a customer adding a card at this point does not trigger the subscription to be reactivated.

Is there a different option somewhere that I should enable in order to fix this bug?

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The "Attempt payment collection when the payment method is added" option works only when there is an unpaid invoice on the customer record. In this case, since the customer was in a trial period and there are no invoices attached to the subscription when the payment method is added, there are no invoices to attempt the collection. 

Also, we do not automatically reactivate the subscription in the case of cancelled subscriptions since there is a possibility that the customer is uploading the card to pay for the unpaid invoices and not reactivate the subscription. You can use the Reactivate subscription option on the subscriptions page or call the "Reactivate a subscription" API to reactivate the subscription. 

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