Recurring Payment Peru

Hi community, I wanted to know if Chargebee can serve recurring payments in Peru using Peruvian Nuevos Soles (PEN), if not, is there any other option available? Thanks a lot!

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Hello Luis,

Chargebee doesn't have native integration with a payment gateway from Peru. However, on the brighter side, We integrate with Adyen, which is a payment gateway supported across the globe.

I checked and found that Adyen, does support PEN and we(Chargebee) have PEN amongst our supported currencies.

So signing up with Adyen for an account >> Configure PEN as a currency on your Chargebee site by contacting >> Connecting your Adyen account with Chargebee, should be an ideal answer supporting your requirement.

Feel free to write back to me, should you have any questions.

Happy to help!!!

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