Feature release announcements - September 2013

List of new features and improvements that have been added to ChargeBee in September 2013. This list will be updated as we make new releases.

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Feature Updates:

1. Different dunning mails based on the retry attempt count.

Users only had one template they could use for all the payment failure notification emails. Now, users can edit the template and send different messages based on the attempt count. For example: you could send a very polite message indicating failure in first message followed by subsequent mails that says you account could be suspended if you do not pay within the next 10 days & so on.

2. Add addons to subscriptions immediately.

Earlier you could only add the addon using the admin console. The addon would only be included on the next renewal. Now users have the option to specify whether to apply the addon immediately or on the next renewal. By doing this the addons can also be pro-rated within the same billing period. 

3. Create and copy product configurations in fewer clicks

When creating multiple plans, addons or coupons, earlier you had to create one and get back to the tab to create a new one. Now while creating a new plan, addon or coupon, you have an option "Save & Create New". This saves you the time to get back to the tab and create a new product configuration again. 

The "Clone" option has also been added. Every time you want to recreate a plan, addon or coupon, you can now just clone all the configurations rather than specifying them again.

4. Auto Collection turned off automatically for plans without a trial period.

When users attempt to create a subscription in the admin console the system will intelligently set "Auto-Collection" to OFF depending on whether plan has Trial or not. The reason is that, earlier it was annoying to get an error message that you can't create a subscription via admin console for plans without trial. This was a pain especially in test mode when you want to create a few subscriptions & try the system. It now defaults auto-collect to OFF thereby allowing you to proceed with creating an active subscription via admin console directly.

5. More information added to the daily digest email report

Hosted page errors and payment gateway operation logs are part of the daily report now.


1. Strip junk files when uploading compressed theme files

When users (esp. using Mac OS) compressed a folder, additional files were getting created. This would not allow the theme zip file from being uploaded. Users had to delete the files manually or compress the folder using scripts. Now these unwanted files are automatically removed during upload.
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