Plan multi currency support

Hi there,

After setting up the Chargebee platform we find the need to create a separate plan for using a secondary currency, somewhat not straightforward. That is because we are duplicating information, such as descrptions, accounting codes (SKUs), etc... only to assign a different currency price on the plan.

The proper workflow would be for a plan to support itself multiple currency prices, without the need to duplicate it. This is also how it is done in some other subscription management platforms or invoicing ones as well (ex. Quickbooks)

I believe this is a major missing feature on the platform.

Any comments acceptable. 

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Hello Dimitris,

I do understand your concern. We already have this as a feature request in place and we have tagged you to it. Having said that, we currently do not have an ETA for this.

We will make sure that we get back to you once it is taken up.

Any news on this?

Showing a customer the price in their own currency has a direct effect on sales conversion rate.  We should be able to set prices and currency on a country by country basis using some kind of grid.  

Maintaining literally hundreds of plans is not sensible.

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Hey David,

Thank you for the follow up.

We don't have an ETA for this now.But this feature is on our priority list this year.

Best Regards,

Kirthiga A

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I agree with this request, Would like to have this implemented.

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