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i was wondering if you have made any progress in your support of wordpress?

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Hello there,

Thanks for your interest in Chargebee. We do provide a plugin to integrate Chargebee with your Wordpress site.

You can download the plugin by visiting this URL.

Since this is a closed beta, chances are that there might be some bugs. If you find any of them, do let us know and we'll take it to our engineering team so that they can debug the same.

1. This is a minimal version of this Github plugin -- the main purpose is to support hosted page V3.

2. All plugin reserved pages(Login, pricing... etc) are removed and there are some functions deprecated because they are no longer needed for hosted pages V3.

3. If you are already using the above GitHub plugin then do not forget to re-configure your settings and the flow so that you can avoid the deprecated functions, shortcode.

4. Please test it on your dev/sandbox environment.
Shortcode to use:Account Portal - [cb_account_portal class="btn"]Account[/cb_account_portal]
Product Subscribe - [cb_product_subscribe_hosted class="btn" product_id="cbdemo_grow"]Subscribe[/cb_product_subscribe_hosted]

Deprecated Shortcodes:
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