Subscription Custom Fields specific plan or add on

hello chargebee team!

I would like to have subscription custom fields that are specific to a particular plan.

For example, my company offers multiple different services (Plans): Internet Access, Hosted Email and Hosted Phone service.

I have:

1) a custom field to collect a MAC address that is specific to Internet Access plan 

2) a custom field for email address that is specific to Hosted Email plan and 

3) a custom field for DID that is specific to the Hosted Phone plan

I would like it so that when a subscription is added for a customer, only those custom fields specific to a plan are available to be filled in. ie. add an Internet Access subscription to a customer and see and fill in the 'MAC address' custom field only (should not see the email address or DID custom field unless those plans are added to the subscription)

The problem is that all three fields are visible and available to be filled out for any subscription regardless of whether or not the customer has the particular plan.

Is this possible? or is there another way to setup what I am trying to do?


Jon Paul

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