Apply disocunt to the subscription

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I saved the plans into the database by calling APIs for getting plan list from Chargbee in my app and after that, I call to create and update API for the subscription. Invoice is also getting send according to my All the things are working properly in this. Now I am trying to apply some discount to my plans but it is not working. I am getting where I am wrong. For this, I have created 2 coupons and apply them to 2 different plans and call the same API as before for plan listing and buying the subscription but the subscription amount is not getting reduce according to a discount coupon. Invoice is also generating with the reduced amount.

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I understand that you are trying to apply a coupon to an existing subscription using the API.

You could use the update a subscription API and pass the coupon id. The coupon will get applied on the next renewal of the subscription and an invoice will be generated for the reduced price. 

If you would like reduce the price of the plan itself, you will need to use the 'Price Override' feature. 




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