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Subscription inherits Plan meta_data?

I'm trying to set up a configuration where I define a Plan with JSON meta_data attached (for example, I store technical properties for each plan). So far so good, I can store these meta_data to the Plan after the definition.

Next, I want to subscribe a user to that plan, i.e. create a Subscription. I can do it, that's fine, but the meta_data for the Subscription is empty. I'd expect that the meta_data for the Subscription would be the same as for the plan, so I could set up a serviceupon the webhook call.

I can query the plan, then add meta_data to the Subscription, but that seems to be redundant for me. Also, since meta_data is not fixed, it can change over time.

It would be very nice feature, if I could optionally specify at Subscription creation that I want to inherit meta_data from Plan.

Thanks in advance!

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