Subscription inherits Plan meta_data?

I'm trying to set up a configuration where I define a Plan with JSON meta_data attached (for example, I store technical properties for each plan). So far so good, I can store these meta_data to the Plan after the definition.

Next, I want to subscribe a user to that plan, i.e. create a Subscription. I can do it, that's fine, but the meta_data for the Subscription is empty. I'd expect that the meta_data for the Subscription would be the same as for the plan, so I could set up a serviceupon the webhook call.

I can query the plan, then add meta_data to the Subscription, but that seems to be redundant for me. Also, since meta_data is not fixed, it can change over time.

It would be very nice feature, if I could optionally specify at Subscription creation that I want to inherit meta_data from Plan.

Thanks in advance!

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Hey Gabor, 

I understand that you are looking to have the same meta_data in the Subscription level as that of the plan. In Chargebee the metadata can be passed at different levels i.e Subscription, Plan, Customers, Addon. You can have different metadata under each level. This is the reason why we do not have any inheritance in case of metadata.

Here's more details on metadata.

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