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Plans with differing unit and different quantities


one of the perceived advantages of using Chargebee is to remove a lot of payment/billing related business logic from the product itself.

We're looking at a situation where different customers would have different plans, each charged based on a different unit (e.g. number of users, number of teams, or total number of items). Ideally we would be able to somehow provide all such information to Chargebee and then the customer would be billed accordingly.

Is this somehow possible? In other words, we don't want to make the quantity decision on our side and rather provide all different quantities per customer to CB

Thank you


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Hey Jan,

I believe you want to set up quantity-based plans/addons and get the number of units from the customer. You can do this by configuring a meta data such that the customers can choose between a range and set the number of units for the plan. Navigate to Product Catalog>>Plans>>Open a quantity-based plan>>Click on Add button next to JSON Meta Data and give the meta data here. Here' a sample for your reference,

{ "quantity_meta":  
            "type": "range",     
            "min": 1,        
            "max": 100,       
            "step": 1 
} }

This is how the customer can choose the quantity on the checkout page,


Note that this can also be done for quantity based addons. 

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other queries.

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