Metered billing without using metered billing API


We are implementing metered billing(Pay as you go) model.

We will charge customer every month depending on their usage.

I know about this API where a pending_invoice_created is sent to the webhook.

But we are thinking of implementing it in a different way. 

Rather than relying on webhook, our application will create a new invoice for each user at the start of the month and will keep adding lines to invoice every day. At the end of the month, our backend will "close" the invoice.

Doing so it is assumed that ChargeBee will automatically collect payments.

Are these assumptions and approach correct according to ChargeBee?

My major concern is that ChargeBee closes the invoice automatically if we are not using an invoice sent in webhook.

Also if we are not using the webhook feature for invoice, then do we need to turn off "Notify and wait to close Invoices"?

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Hey there!

Apologies for the delayed response.

Since you want to add invoice line items on daily basis, I would suggest you use metered billing and unbilled charges together.

As soon as a subscription is activated, charges will be collected from the customer and then on daily basis, you can add unbilled charges via the UI or the API. If Metered billing is enabled, upon renewal, the pending invoice will be generated and all the unbilled charges will be added to the pending invoice. Finally, you can close the invoice with any charges you wish to add. If you do not wish to use Metered Billing, all the unbilled charges will be invoiced automatically along with the renewal invoice

Hope this clarifies.

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