We are building a marketplace that aims to sell software licenses. The particular aspect of this project is that these software licenses are built over the ethereum blockchain: are tokenized software licenses. These tokenized licenses are used to access the services offered by (as visible visiting the website, by the disclaimer in the footer) is a high tech company and a Disney open source project.

I would like to know if your company can act as a escrow service, in the shipment between buyers and sellers for the system that we are building. And if not, if you know which kind of service could help me, considering your knowledge of this market.

I am ready to have a call to discuss how the process works. In the file attached, you can see an example.

Many thanks in advance.

Marco Falco.

phone: +39 3477908954

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Hello Marco 

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you!

We are a subscription management system which will handle all your recurring billing, invoicing and life cycle management starting from trial for your customers. We are not a payment gateway ourselves, but we work on top of payment gateways and provide an integration with them for processing online payments. Unfortunately, we do not provide such a service(escrow) and would not fit your business model. We wish you good luck in your endeavour!

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