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Plan settings

In my account for plan enabled_in_hosted_pages and enabled_in_portal are false by default.

how to make them true again?

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Hi Darshita

I see that you've enquired the same via a ticket and it has been resolved. I'm adding the answer here for reference:


Changing the value of "enabled_in_hosted_pages" to "True/False" would "Show/Hide" the button, which when clicked would invoke the Chargebee's checkout page and enable the user to subscribe for a plan. This can be done in 2 ways:

1. Using API To set the value of "enabled_in_hosted_pages" as true, you can use "Update a plan" API and pass the parameter enabled_in_hosted_pages="true" as part of the request.

2. Using Web InterfaceWhen a plan is being created using the Chargebee's Web interface, you would have to enable the option "Checkout using drop-in script " under "Hosted Page & Customer Portal" to get the same effect.  Please find below a screenshot for your reference.

However, ensure to have the option "Allow customers to access checkout via API only" (from Settings > Configure Chargebee > Checkout & Self-Serve Portal) disabled from your Checkout settings. Having this option enabled doesn't allow your customers to access checkout using drop-in script and doesn't show the option to enable or disable plans in hosted page and customer portal.

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