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Drop-in checkout + React error


I'm trying to add the drop-in checkout to a react SPA, following . I'm dynamically adding `chargebee.js` after the rest of the view gets rendered, and then call `registerAgain()`.


componentDidMount() {

 const el = document.createElement('script');

 el.onload = () => {


  // this.setState({ chargebeeReady: true });


 el.setAttribute('data-cb-site', 'derp-test');

 el.setAttribute('src', '');



render() {

 // [...]








 // [...]



when clicking `subscribe` I get an error:


Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getCart' of null

    at t.a (event-binding.ts:24)

    at Function.value (chargebee.ts:46)

    at HTMLScriptElement.el.onload (Subscribe.js:23)


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Could you try creating the dynamic subscribe button and then calling the registerAgain() ?

registerAgain() should be called after the creation of dynamic subscribe button. Here, you had called the function after the script creation and before the button creation. This is a possible  reason why the error had occurred

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