.NET API client - listing subscriptions with filter on CurrentTermStart


I need to list all subscriptions whose current term started later than 3 days ago. This is what I have:




However, this returns all subscriptions, including those not matching my condition. I am probably not using the date filter correctly. I also tried TimestampFilterParam instead of DateFilterParam, it gave me the same results.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Stanislav K.

Hi Stanislav

We currently do not allow passing current_term_start as a filter parameter in the List Subscriptions API. You can find the list of accepted parameters here.

Hi Meena, thank you for the reply.

So for me to be able to use 



the documentation would need to explicitly list CurrentTermStart among the Input parameters?

Hi Stanislav

We don't support this parameter in the List Subscription API filters and that's why it is not listed in the doc and you wouldn't be able to use it as well. Only the supported parameters are listed in our doc. I hope this clarifies.

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