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I'm not clear on how to give the option of selecting a monthly plan (at say $12/month) or an annual plan (at say $100 / year). I have 3 plans, each with the option of monthly or annual billing. Do I set up 3 x 2 plans? 

 Sorry if this is a simple question....I can't seem to find a simple answer.

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Ah ok that's what I thought. Thanks. 

By the way, are there any consultants in your network that can recommend to help us set up Chargbee webhooks/API's. Everything looks relatively simple but I think we would benefit by hiring someone for a few hours that has done this before. Do you guys do that sort of thing? 

Hey Rob

Here are references to a couple of dev agencies and freelancers:


A few more listed here: We also have partners who are comfortable in Spanish and a few who operate in a time-zone close to that of Spain.

  • Wolox: They are based in Argentina and Spain and are fluent in Spanish. You can reach out to their CTO, Esteban Pintos:
  • Box UK: They are based in the UK (Jaime Hindle: would be the appropriate point of contact). You can reach out to Esteban and Jaime and check on their ability to meet your requirements.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Hey Rob,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

You can create a plan with the billing interval as Month(s) under the Freemium & Billing Interval section when creating a plan and give the price as $12. This will charge the customers $12 every month based on the number of billing cycles. Here's a screenshot for your reference,

You can have another plan named Annual plan for example and have the billing interval as Year(s) and have the plan price as $100. This will charge the end customer $100 every year.

You can have these plans embedded on your website, using which the customers can make the payment through the checkout pages. Refer here to know more plans.

Hope this helps!


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