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How to create complete order process with WordPress

I am using WordPress, and want to achieve the following.

step 1: client goes to website
step 2: client choose product(s) to purchase
step 3: client will add any required addons

step 4: client goes to checkout
step 6: client will register or login to existing account

step 7: client makes payment

This is how works on every other commerce system I have used. 

So far, this has not been possible with ChargeBeee for one reason or another. 

To use ChargeBee WordPress plugin, customers need to create  WordPress user in advance before they can order anything, otherwise it just gives a confusing error. No way have to have the user created as part of the purchase process.


Using the ChargeBee hosted page scripts.
They cannot add multiple items or choose addons. You can only add all ADDONS and allow them to be removed. Or create a purchase link for every possible addon combination. Neither of these is very intuitive and prone to client error.

The only other option I have been given that that clients must have a chargebee account in advance in order to be able to manage add-ons by logging into that account.

Am I missing somehting?

Hi Russ

As discussed earlier, the new WordPress beta plugin requires a registration before the checkout process. It is currently not possible to bypass this step but we have considered your feedback and will be evaluating during the future development of the plugin.

Using Chargebee's checkout page, we don't allow the customers to add addons but you can collect the addon selections before the checkout and then generate the checkout page for the combination that was selected. The checkout new subscription API can be used for this.

I checked the link you sent, but I cannot see how I can use that from WordPress, unless I first learn PHP and then write my own plugin.

Hey Russ,

As mentioned by my colleague you can collect the add-ons from your user in a form and then pass this data to checkout page using the Checkout new subscription API. Refer here for the sample form. This would require developers assistance as this deals with APIs and it would be suggested that you get your engineering team to look into this.

Hope this helps!


I do not have an engineering team. 

Hey Russ,

Here are references to a couple of dev agencies and freelancers that you can reach out to:


A few more listed here: We also have partners who are comfortable in Spanish and a few who operate in a time-zone close to that of Spain.

  • Wolox: They are based in Argentina and Spain and are fluent in Spanish. You can reach out to their CTO, Esteban Pintos:
  • Box UK: They are based in the UK (Jaime Hindle: would be the appropriate point of contact). You can reach out to Esteban and Jaime and check on their ability to meet your requirements.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

I cannot afford to hire people to make ChargeBee work.

I chose chargebee because it seemed like a good solution for new and small businesses as there is no fees for the first 50k.
But it seems that it will be much easier to just switch to a different solution that works out of the box.

Hi Russ,

Since your use-case involves the usage of APIs, certain amount of customisation is required on your end and this needs developer's assistance as we mentioned previously. So, we would suggest that you make the necessary calls on your end to make this work. 

I did not choose to use API, I was told this is the only way.

Since there are other systems out there which allow customers to sign up and place orders without having to code and use API, it would clearly be a lot easier, quicker and cheaper for me to switch to another solution.

Hi Russ

Thanks for your reply!

Please note that not all the custom workflows can be implemented using the inbuilt functionalities. When your business model allows customers selecting multiple products/services, addons should be used and our checkout page doesn't allow choosing the addons. Addons have to be selected and then the details have to be passed to our checkout page. This can be automated only using APIs. 

We do have plans to allow addon/plan selection from the checkout page but until then, APIs should be used to implement this flow.

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