Prorate & adjust first invoice to align with a set billing date.

Ability to create an invoice in the middle of the month, say from 17th to end of month and allow next billing term to be aligned from 1st of next month. The first invoice should be prorated & charged only for the rest of the days in the month. 

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This feature is still in the pipeline and has not been implemented yet. No ETA at the moment.

And have you a way to stop auto billing when a subscription pass from Trial to Active ? In this case I can charge with a first invoice manually and set the next billing time at 1st of the next month

Hi Raphaël 

We have released Calendar Billing that prorates the first invoice on sign up (based on a preset billing date) and aligns the billing date so that all subscriptions renew at the same date every month.

Give it a shot and let me know if you have any questions!

- LN

When a trial subscription is being activated, auto billing cannot be stopped. During trial, you could however add additional charges to the subscription which will be added to the invoice during activation. You can use the "Add Charge" or "Add Addon" option to do this.

Hello !

This feature is now possible ? I really need this for my company.