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How to show subscriptions lists for multiple purchases with some identifications


I have used Chargebee Hosted page for my customers to manage subscriptions.

I have feature that my customer can purchase subscriptions per location bases.

Suppose, a customer has 2 locations, they will purchase 2 subscriptions, but they can not clearly identify which subscription is for which location.

Please refer this screenshot:

Is that something we show:

Subscription #1  (Ahmedabad, 382480)

Subscription #2  (Mumbai, 686867)

Like this way.




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Hello Vishal

I understand that you'd like to display the plan name in the Subscription details section of the portal page so that the customers can identify the subscription.

For this, head to Settings > Checkout & Self Service Portal > Info & Alerts and update the Active Subscriptions section with the below merge field in the description : 

Plan Name: {{}}

Here's a screenshot for your reference:


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