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We have a question for renewal subscription, so say for example when customer buys something after successful payment we can see the details of subscription and customer in chargebee,  Now say after a month, the subscription get renewed for next month, will it create a new subscription ID under same customer ID or will it create a new subscription ID with new customer ID, so my question is,  is there one to one relation between customer and subscriptions or is there one customer and many subscriptions relations I mean one to many relation between customer and subscriptions. 


Example Explained as below:


Plan type = Starter, Price $50


Customer bought plan and Customer id is 1 and Subscription id is also 1, auto collection is turned ON. Now say on Next month subscription got renewed automatically, my question is will chargebee create a new customer id and new subscription id or will it create a new subscription under same customer id (id = 1 as per current example)



Ronak Shah

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Hello Ronak, 

Thanks for reaching out to us! Chargebee will retain the original Customer ID and the Subscription ID even after multiple renewals. 

We hope this helps, do reach out to us in case you require further assistance. 

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