Hosted page trouble. How to use my payment gateways?

Hello there.

I have a trouble - i use hosted page to bill my client. And i pick a script from chargebee dashboard. When i click on "view" at plan page - i got that pop up. After 3 steps of that pop up i get error that there is "a problem with your payment method". And second trouble is that i want to use my payment methods in that hosted page - how to use it?

P.S I use hosted page as link, not pop-up.

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Hello Павел

The error "a problem with your payment method" usually occurs when the gateway is unable to process payments for the card/payment details entered. You could try using a different card/payment method to see if it works. Let us know if the issue persists.

Could you please elaborate what you mean by "use my payment methods in that hosted page"? The hosted pages are primarily designed to collect payment details and based on the payment gateway configured, different payment methods are supported. Here's more.

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