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Hello. I have one question - can i use hosted pages and build links for them dynamicly - change addon ids dynamicly or change plan id dynamicly?

I picked a code from my plans list and paste it into my page. So when i fill out our form - it trigger a click for those links(from Grab Code, plans page). For now i have same links count as count of my plans. But there is one problem - first one i create to much links and second one - i want to use addons. There can be multiple addons for one project. Or one addon. So there will be to much links - i have 3 addons - it's about 27 variations. And 8 products. So it will be 27*8 links. It will be very bad. Hope you understand and will help

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Hello Павел

It is certainly possible to build the checkout links dynamically based on the addon selected. You can have separate links for each of the plans and build the checkout link based on the addon selected.

Here's more on the setup(refer to the Add-on/Coupon customizations section).

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