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Is it possible to add an recurring addon to an existing subscription and invoice full amount

In the middle of a subscription, I want to add an recurring addon and charge full price of addon immediately. How do I do it? 

I am using Update Subscription API -

if I pass `prorate` to true, it is invoiced immediately but on pro-rated basis. 

If I pass `prorate` to false, it is invoiced on next billing term. But i want to invoice immediately. Passing `invoice_immediately` did not change anything.

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Chargebee essentially prorates all effective midterm subscription changes.

-A workaround would be to use the add charges API to charge the customer the full amount for the current term and then update the subscription API to update the subscription to the new add-on starting next billing term

Below is the relevant API doc to add charges immediately and create a one time invoice for the current term add-on

- You can use the Update the subscription API to add the add-on for the next billing period and affect the changes at the end of the current term by passing end_of_term as "true".

Below is the relevant API doc regarding updating a subscription

I need this also. I create the invoice and turn auto-collection off. I wanted to be able to collect payment through a hosted page. Collect Now on hosted pages doesn't seem to work - it just sits there, with no error. Are we unable to use Collect Now hosted pages for payment on a Payment Due invoice??

Hey Earl,

I would suggest that you use the Checkout existing subscription API and pass the chosen addon so that the customer can perform checkout for the existing subscription with the addon.  

If you wish to collect charges for an unpaid invoices, you can use the Collect Now API and collect the charges for that due invoices.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any questions.

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