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Portal Session with forward_url not forwarding with Portal V3


I am following the tutorial to integrate Self-Serve Portal V3 here, it working as expected to access the home page of the portal, but i have not been able to forward directly to the Payment Methods page.

In my python backend i call the create adding the forward_url set to

The response give me an access_url like this one:

 When used with the chargebee.js code on my site, the popup opens the portal in the home for the customer.

If i intercept the url in my code to test the access_url on a web page, it forwards to:

 and results to a empty portal designed page.

If i manually go in my browser to

 and then in the same browser go manually to

 Then i actually get the portal page using the Payment Methods page as a root page.

How could i get to work the direct access to Payment Methods page using chargebee.js and python backend? Am i using the wrong forward_url ?

Thanks for your help.

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Hey David,

I'm sorry to say that the forward_url is currently not supported for the V3 version. We'll soon provide an alternative way for using the forward_url via a Javascript an let you know once we've an update regarding the same. 

Apologies for the confusion caused!

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