Apply change only if resource_version has not changed.

Suppose I want to implement a policy where I do not allow the customer to alter their subscription if they are past due on an invoice. To implement this I can try the following:

1. Pull the data from Chargebee.

2. If the subscription is not past due allow the change, if not, return an error message to the user.

But this has a problem.

There is a window between when we get the data from Chargebee and post the update that the subscription may have changed state to past due. If this happens then it will allow a change on a past due subscription.

This is just one example. Generally speaking, any policy that depends on state on Chargebee side is impossible to implement correctly.

A simple and reasonably effective solution to this problem is to allow passing in a resource_version attribute in an update call. On Chargebee's side you can check the resource_version against what you have stored and apply the change only if they match (This would have to happen inside of a database transaction to ensure full correctness. Incidentally, are changes to the data on Chargebee done in a transnational setting?).

Thoughts from the Chargebee API team?

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Hi Jacob,

Thanks for writing to us on this.

We have converted this topic as a ticket. ID: 79777

We will get back to you after discussing with our engineers. 

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