WordPress V3 Support Plugin Integration

Hi, after long discussions with support I am currently waiting for an update to the WordPress Chargebee plugin to allow the new V3 popup system.

Some suggestions and research notes:

- Ability for the user to register via WP as per the current plugin and purchase a plan.


- Using the new V3 integrated JS pop up window, allow the user to click a plan button and purchase it through the modal.

- User portal: same again with the V3 account window.

- Webhooks for WP to communicate back to chargebee with user meta data.

- WordPress functions/shortcodes (Important one for me). Currently we can access WP functions through the plugin with user meta values, it's vital that these functions are still available with the new V3. Ability to check if the logged in user has a subscription then do something.

$user_id = get_current_user_id();
$key = 'chargebee_user_subscriptions';
 $all_meta_for_user = get_user_meta( $user_id, $key, true  );

 - Memberful do this fairly well as seen here, they also have a similar pop-up purchase screen to make it easy to integrate:


- Add-on support: Ability for the user to access the V3 pop-up and choose the add-on quantity recurring subscriptions.

- Coupon support: In the current WP plugin this isn't possible.

- SSO: Single sign on for WP, if using V3 then the user shouldn't need to login with the pop-up if logged into WordPress.

That's everything I can think of right now. If anyone has any additional suggests please post them below. Hopefully we are not far off from starting this project as I really want to use Chargebee :)



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Hi Scott,

Thanks for writing to us on your requirement.

We will track this forum and update you soon as the feature is taken up for release. 



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