Integration of PayPal checkout on the own hosted page

Hello, we have a problem with integration of PayPal checkout on the hosted page. So, for now, we have a single page site, we have already integrated payment for subscription via Stripe gateway, customers are entering their credit card information on the hosted page, than we send that to Stripe via ajax (own javascript function), get back the temp token in the response from Stripe, than we send JSON with all necessary information to our API web server, and our API calls ChargeBee API to create customer's subscription (JSON contains the temp token for charging). It's cool and it's working. But now we want to add ability to customers would choose the payment method "Credit card" or "PayPal", I have not found any docs how to integrate PayPal checkout on the own hosted page, I know about "Billing Agreement id" that PayPal generates after customer will login, but how can I get it in our single page site w/o any redirections? Maybe you have got any examples or docs where I can take a read. Thanks.

Ok, thanks I got you

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