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Redirect to the base site after successful subscription


How to redirect back to our website after a successful subscription with the details of payment. Can you please share docs regarding this.I want to update these subscriptions in our database and run a few other processes as well. Can you please share a sample code if any. I'am new to this Chargebee thing. 

Thanks in advance.

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Hey Sayooj

You can redirect your customer's back to your site using the redirect URL option in the checkout pages. The redirect URL is available in the checkout page settings. If the redirect URL is configured, your customer would be taken to the redirect URL instead of the Thank you page after completing the checkout.


Here is a screenshot for your reference:



Redirect URL for each plan specific checkout page

If you wish to create the redirect URL for each plan specific checkout page, you can configure the URL by editing the plan detail and selecting the redirect option as the redirect URL. This is only for plan-specific hosted pages and is not supported for API users. You can learn more about the same here.

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