subscription[auto_collection]=off does not work for check out hosted page

Hi, I am building checkout page using chargebee API, according to the doc there's a `subscription[auto_collection]` options here

I used the API like below:


curl \

> -u xxxxxxxx: \

> -d customer[email]="" \

> -d customer[first_name]="John" \

> -d customer[last_name]="Doe" \

> -d customer[locale]="fr-CA" \

> -d customer[phone]="+1-949-999-9999" \

> -d subscription[plan_id]="cbdemo_grow" \

> -d subscription[auto_collection]="off" \

> -d addons[id][1]="cbdemo_conciergesupport" \

> -d billing_address[first_name]="John" \

> -d billing_address[last_name]="Doe" \

> -d billing_address[line1]="PO Box 9999" \

> -d billing_address[city]="Walnut" \

> -d billing_address[state]="California" \

> -d billing_address[zip]="91789" \

> -d billing_address[country]="US"


but when open the checkout URL returned from the request, the page still contains a payment method section.

Is their anyway to disable it? Since it does not make sense to collect user's payment method if they already choose to do offline payment.


Hi there

We have released the feature where you can checkout a subscriber without collecting their payment method. These would work for scenarios where you:

  • Offer a free trial for your customers without collecting a payment method.
  • Have a Freemium plan that does not collect payment information during checkout.
  • Offer a 100% discount or a coupon without prompting for a payment method.

You can refer to this section of the documentation for more on this. 

Is there any update as to when this feature is coming out?

I understand your requirement and we do have this as a feature request on our product roadmap. Unfortunately, I'm unable to promise you any ETA at the moment. We have a script for trial users to checkout without providing card details. You'll just have to pass the plan ID in the script so that any subscriber to that plan will not be asked for the payment details.

I'm not sure how far this will help you but here's the article that you can refer.

Thank you Meena, I just think since you already provide a solution as hosted pages, it will be much easier if we can use the checkout to do offline payment subscription as well. Since the checkout page has the description of the subscription / coupon / addons selection builtin. We do can replicate a same function with your API but which may end up with two different user interface for our users.

Do you think this can be a feature for chargebee to implement in the future, that to enable the Checkout page support offline payment (just remove the payment method section)

Hi Yunjian

The checkout page is explicitly available to collect the payment/card details from the customers. When you pass auto collection as OFF, it doesn't mean that the customer will not see the card details section. It means that the auto collection will be turned off even if the customer updates their card details. The payments will not be collected from the customer's card automatically.

For the customers who prefer to pay you offline, you can collect their basic details and create a subscription in Chargebee directly using the create a subscription API.

Please let me know if you need any further help.

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