Scheduled Subscription Cancelation on any date


is there a way that i could schedule a the cancelation on a specific date? 

Currently we have a yearly plan which runs on a monthly basis and we do not won't it to be automatically canceled. But if the customer want's to cancel to the end of his subscription year, we want to schedule this cancelation upfront. And not to sync it manually with our system.

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Hi Andreas

Currently, a subscription can either be canceled immediately or on the next billing date (renewal). The option to choose a cancellation date between these isn't available. But once a cancellation is scheduled on renewal, you can change the cancel date manually. Please note that no charges will be collected once a subscription is scheduled to cancel on a particular date.

Example: A subscription which renews on a monthly basis (5th of every month) is scheduled to cancel on February 2018 today, no charges will be collected until February 2018.

How have you created the yearly plans renewing on a monthly basis? Did you restrict the subscription's billing cycle to 12? If you don't want to cancel the subscriptions after 12 renewals, you can remove the billing cycles from the subscription. For the ones which you want to cancel after certain months, you can set the billing cycles.

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