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RE: AddOns

 WHY are non-recurring add-ons hidden in the Customer Portal??

This configuration prevents me from allowing my Customers to self-serve via the Customer Portal!

Your documentation gives NO valid or coherent reason you guys have decided to do this.

Please explain, asap

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Hi WIll

As a part of the "Edit Subscription" operation on the customer portal, we allowed customers to add/remove only recurring elements of a subscription and hence only recurring Addons are listed.

I do understand that non-recurring addons should be made available as a part of this operation to help customers purchase one-off products. We agree that this would greatly benefit use-cases such as yours and make the portal completely self-serving.

I've taken this up as a feature request for our team to consider as a part of future versions of our portal. I'm afraid we do not have a timeline on it at the moment, however, we'll ensure we notify you once it's taken up.

9 months have passed. Any update on this? I'm still running into the same problem.

Hey Zac,

We had this discussed with our engineering team and have an update for you. This feature should be out in Q4 this year. 

We will keep you posted when it is released. 

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