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Want to use chargee with stripe

I want to use chargebee with stripe. I dont know the workflow how things will go.

Need help

Hi Anamica

With Chargebee, you can set up the complete subscription management workflow, right from creating the subscriptions and generating invoices to managing the complete subscription lifecycle. The workflow you set up in Chargebee would depend on your business use case and the integration option you wish to use.

You can then integrate your Stripe merchant account in Chargebee for processing the payments for the subscriptions. Here's more on the steps involved.

We've also emailed you a link where you could schedule a product demo with our sales executive who can help you set things up.

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but i am confused with the work flow 

when we add a subscription first money will be deducted or it will be deducted after one month

and if money will be deducted first then how things will work i am still confused

Hi Anamica

I've shared the details of the general workflow over the ticket(#67509) you've raised with us. 

Thanks for the reply.

Now, I get the token from stripe but when i add my token with subscription it gives error.

Can you please help in this

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