Trial end cannot be before start date

What is the work around for this error or block.  I recently had a prospect subscribe, but they couldn't use our product and I couldn't change to create subscription because I kept getting trial end cannot be before start date.  There is not active trial nor is there a way to change this.  I'm so not a fan of this product and will change if I don't hear from support today.

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Hi Larry

We're really sorry to hear about the trouble you're facing. 

As discussed on the ticket, if you're trying to end the trial period for a customer and activate their subscription, you can use the Change Trial End option from the subscription details page.


If you're facing a different issue, could you please share some details on the exact operation you're trying to perform? Also, do share the complete error message you're receiving so we help resolve this at the earliest.

I am having this issue as well; all I am doing is creating a subscription -- from the raw test dashboard upon signing up for a demo -- and I am getting this error.

Hi Alex

Could you share screenshots showing the subscription's date values and the error message?

Same problem. Created a subscription plan, but when I attempt to go to the link to fill out the form it just shows my logo and the message "Trial end cannot be before start date" - this is even before someone is able to enter their information!

The settings for the plan is bill a small amount (<$10) every six months, with no trial (value set to "0")


Hi Ian

During plan configuration, you can leave the field "Free trial" empty, if your plan does not have a trial period. 

Setting the field value to '0' is resulting in the error. We'll make sure we display an error or handle this internally so the error doesn't occur in future. Apologies for the trouble!


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