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Yearly Subscription - Monthly Billing

It would be great to separate the length of a subscription cycle and the billing cycle.

My wish would be for my customers to sign up for 12 months, but be billed every month so that they don't have to pay one big amount at the beginning of the cycle.

So it would have all the features of the yearly subscription, but they would get a monthly charge and invoice.

Best regards


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Hi Kramer,

We are discussing this internally and will have an update on our analysis in a week.

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+1 for "It would be great to separate the length of a subscription cycle and the billing cycle."

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Hi Benny,

the feature you are describing is definitely not the one requested in this thread. We would like to be able to create an annual plan but when selected in a subscription, we would be asked what the billing frequency should be.

Maybe the "Minimum Commitment Period for Subscriptions" will work but I guess it means you are developing it the other way around. The title of this feature suggest that we will have to create a monthly plan but will have to set the minimum number of months the client must be committed. Which means, for a 12 months minimum commitment period subscriptions, at the end, the client will be on a monthly subscription. Which is not what is exactly requested in this thread (except if the minimum period is renewed at the end of each period).

No ETA for this feature?

Thank you

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+1 for "It would be great to separate the length of a subscription cycle and the billing cycle."

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This feature is actually a make or break for us. Customers sign annual contracts but often pay monthly or quarterly. Putting them into Chargebee as a monthly or quarterly rate plan makes it look like they're up for renewal every month or quarter, which is not reflective of the actual situation and renders the renewal reports totally useless.

It would be greatly appreciated if this was bumped up on the priority list!

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Hi Julian

I've bumped it up once again, with another upvote. Having said that, the feature request queue is based on the demand for a feature and is decided every quarter, in advance. We'll certainly let you know if this is taken up and we'll continue following up internally to see if we can bump this up further. 

- LN

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The "Minimum Commitment Period for Subscriptions" feature is still in progress. We'll definitely let you all know once the feature is out. 

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Same need here!

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This is a blocking issue for us too.

Hi guys,

any updates on this important and expected feature?

Thank you

Hey Jordan 

Yes, we do now have a feature - Billing Cycle for Addons, that you can use for such use-cases. Here's more on that.
P.S. Only recurring Addons can have a billing cycle

Hi everyone,

We took it up with our product team internally and have decided to take it up in our product revamp for later this year. We will be able to get back with more information in 15-20 days. 

Hi Arne

You can certainly set this up by creating a plan that "Bills Every" 1 month with the "No. of Billing Cycles" set to 12. This way the customers will be billed every month for a 12 month period. Note that after 12 months, the subscription will be canceled.


The No. of Billing cycles can be set either while creating the plan or while creating the subscription for that plan.

Is this what you were looking for?



Hi Vaishnavi,

how would the credit handling with your solution work?

Our plan is quantity based, so if a customer subscribes for 10 users und downgrades to 8, the 2 will be used as credit for the next cycle.

If I would use a monthly plan for the yearly subscription however, they could cancel before by just setting the quantity to 0 and they would only loose the credit for one month.

Or do you have a solution for that as well?

Can I see the feature request you mentioned somewhere? So I can evaluate if this will ever be build.

My guess would be that you might loose a lot of potential customers by not offering this feature. Most of the big SaaS vendors like Adobe or Salesforce have plans like ours set up.

Best regards


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