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Yearly Subscription - Monthly Billing

It would be great to separate the length of a subscription cycle and the billing cycle.

My wish would be for my customers to sign up for 12 months, but be billed every month so that they don't have to pay one big amount at the beginning of the cycle.

So it would have all the features of the yearly subscription, but they would get a monthly charge and invoice.

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This is blocking us from creating subscriptions for our customers. Like most SaaS products, companies sign a 12-month agreement. Where we are able to negotiate and have some leverage is with payment terms. The issue with creating a monthly subscription is that they get a notification and the subscription renewing every month, which isn't the case. There is a specific subscription term length and if they cancel early they are obligated to pay for the rest of the term or the TCV. There is no way for us to do that.

+1 for yearly commitment with a monthly billing option. 

While we're at it, integration with a docusign or something similar would be ideal to automate the entire process. 

Step 1: Start Trial

Step 2: Fill out docusign template and agree to 12 month term

Step 3: Docusign informs Chargbee that the document has been signed

Step 4: Chargebee charges first month payment and converts from trial to active.

Thanks for your feedback, Andreas.

I've upvoted the feature on your behalf. We'll let you know when it's taken up.

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