Family plans

How can I implement family plans with chargebee?

Similar to the typical carrier family plans I'd like to setup a family subscription, ideal scenario would be that father pays for family subscription (5 devices) of which some could be kid subscriptions with a reduced access 8different plan than parents).

Is this possible to implement in chargebee?

Hi Jochen

You can create one main plan and manage the service for kids and other members as addons. You can then create a subscription for the main plan under the father's name and add the member addons to it. The subscription will contain one plan and addons respectively and the father would be paying for the subscription. Would this work?

If not, do you need individual subscriptions for the family members as well? In that case, you can create separate subscriptions with Auto Collection disabled for the family members. Once you collect the payment from the main subscription (father), you can record the payment for the family member subscriptions. You could use a custom field to maintain the linking between subscriptions.

Does this allow for the family memebers having separate login details( accounts)?

Hi Jochen

Just to confirm, are you referring to the customer portal login option?

If yes, the customer portal can only be accessed by the primary email address of the account(the father). Since the customer portal contains critical information such as the invoices and payment details, we provide access only to the primary account holder.

Could you let us know why you're looking to provide separate login details to all the family members?

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