Charging customer card when two payment due is there already

For a customer when they have pending amount due, on next renewal it should charge the whole pending amount right. Instead its trying charge only the due amount for that month. How can we ensure all the pending amount are charged from the customer. 

Invoice got generated only for that month subscription and doesn't includes the pending due amount. 

So how can we charge the user for all the pending due amount once at a time?

For example: 

Customer A is with Plan B(say Monthly subscription with amount $100). Renewal date is 4 Oct, 2017. Customer didn't made pay on last renewal(which is on 4 Sep, 2017). On 4 Oct, 2017 instead of $200 ($100(for sep month) +$100(for Oct ) = $200), invoice was generated only for $100.

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As subscription and it's associated items (like invoices) are recurring in nature, the invoice generated will have the value only for that particular month's subscription; meaning, previous payment due value will not be carried over to the current month's invoice. 

However, when your customer updates the card details, you can open the past months' invoices in payment due status and use the option "collect Now" to collect the charges. 

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