Unable to use redirect url in integrated hosted pages strategy

I am using integrated hosted pages method to show hosted pages at my site. I am not able to use the redirect url. It does not work. I am using hosted_pages.checkout_new method and it is not redirecting to redirect url. 

Hi Himanshu

I believe you're testing this on your site - iflychat-test.chargebee.com.

Are the users directed to Chargebee's thank you page instead of http://localhost:8080/users/? Can you check and confirm this?


I have integrated the hosted page in my website on local-host and it is working fine for chargebee subscription. The issue is that after subscribing via hosted page, user redirects to thank-you page in the same hosted page section and the message shows in the same hosted page section is 'close' text The concern is that I have configured the redirect url in the same chargebee plan setting but hosted page does not redirect to a particular page.

Please suggest me any relevant way, how to get back to website with relevant response from the chargebee.

Hello Rajbir, 

Thanks for reaching out to us! We can see that you are using the API to create a new subscription. The redirect URL API must also be passed as a parameter in the API call so that the customer is taken to the necessary page. 

Let us know if you have any other questions. 

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