Loading existing subscriptions with a start date in the past


I have a situation where I have a biyearly subscription which started on 2017-03-01, and I need to load it on Chargebee. If I load it on Chargebee today, I can't set the start date to be in the past, so the renewal date gets set to 2019-08-29. If I try to use 'Change next billing' to set the renewal to 2019-03-01 as it should be, then I get the error "The new term should match the customer billing date/day". How should I be handling this case?

Hi Vaughn

It is not possible to create a subscription with a past start date through Chargebee's web interface. However, you can use the import subscription API or Bulk Operations to do this. It allows you to pass a past start date and you can also specify the current_term_end. The Change Next Billing will not work as Calendar Billing is enabled.

started_at = 2017-03-01

current_term_end = 2019-03-01

Let me know if you need any clarification!

Thanks Meena. I think I understand the calendar billing restriction. We'll create the existing subscriptions on renewal rather than writing import code we won't use again.

Sure, please let me know if you need any help with it.

Is there no way to set the customer billing date/day when creating the customer or subscription? Or is that also only available via the API?

Hi Vaughn

Sorry, there's no option to set the billing date while creating a customer. After creating the customer, you can either use the change billing date API or Bulk Operation to set the billing date.

Ok, got it working using curl API calls. Have to change customer billing date + then subscription term end date. Thanks.

Hi Meena & Vaughn,

Thanks to your previous effort, I have been able to import via a bulk operation a subscription with date in the past, but the process has not triggered an invoice and I have no way to invoice that old period. 


I'm doing something wrong?

Thank you!

Hi there

Importing subscriptions with past dates will not create any invoices for the past period. In case you want to create invoices for the past date, you should either use the Import Invoice API or Bulk Operation. You could also use the Add Charge functionality to create an invoice, but it will have the current date.

Do let me know if you need any further clarification.

Thanks Meena is enough for the moment. I will study the Bulk Operation for invoices.


Sure, Roman! Please let me know if you need any assistance with the Bulk Operation.

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