Enable Proratio for Plan-Upgrades, but Disable for Plan-Downgrades

If our customer upgrades from existing plan to a plan with higher cost, then the customer gets a credit for not used days in the next invoice of upgraded plan

-> This works on Chargebee
If our customer cancels  or downgrades plan, the customer doesn't get a credit or a refund.

-> This doesn't work on Chargebee :-(
Is there a possibility to activate “proration” for upgrades only and not for downgrades? Any workarounds?

Hi there

I assume that the subscription changes (upgrades/downgrades) are handled via the customer portal as of now. When Proration is enabled, both the upgrades and downgrades happening via the customer portal will prorate. In the admin interface, you have the option to disable proration while changing the subscription. This makes it possible to disable proration while downgrading and vice versa. 

We're currently working on revamping the hosted pages and this requirement will be met with the new version. We're in the final stage of development and we'll let you know once it is released. Until then, you can have the customers contact you for upgrades/downgrades and you can make the changes through the web interface.

The other alternate option is to use our Open Source Customer Portal.

Any news on this?

Hey Martins,

Currently, the custom code can be used to have the plan upgrade done immediately and the plan downgrade done in the end of the term. However,

I will take this up as a feature request and will let you know when we support proration on the custom code.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

We have the exact same requirement. We need to specify for each combination of plans whether their should be prorating if the customer switches from one plan to the other.

Is this a feature yet, or can you provide an example how to do this with custom code?

Hello Mathias, 

Yes we did indeed release the custom code feature in the recent past, would you like us to enable it for your test site?
Alternatively you can write to our support team to get it enabled. 

Once the custom code feature is enabled you can inject your own configuration for plan upgrades & downgrades.



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