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Access Custom Field Options via API

I'm wondering if it's possible to retrieve a list of the options associated with a custom user field?

I can't find any way to do this in the API documentation.

Thanks for your help

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Hi Alex

Are you looking for an option to filter the customers/subscriptions by custom fields via API?

You could use the filter parameters under Subscriptions/Customers in the Chargebee web interface to filter out customers based on a particular custom field value. However, it is not possible at the moment to filter customers/subscriptions based on custom field values when using API, sorry about that. 

We have this feature in the product pipeline as a few customers have already asked for it in the past, though we do not have a firm ETA on the feature. I've tagged your ticket internally to keep a track of the feature request and I'll inform you as soon as this is implemented. 

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