Do not create invoices when invoice amount is null (zero)

Hi all,

Is there a way not to create invoices when amount is null?

That's a lot of paper for nothing.

Any chance I missed this feature?

Hi Erwan

The invoices that only have $0 line items can be suppressed from getting generated using the option "Hide Zero Value Line Items" under Settings > Site Settings > Site Info & Billing Rules in the web interface.


Here's a screenshot for reference:

Note - In case credits and discounts are added to an invoice, bringing the total payable amount to $0, the invoice will still be generated.

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Ok, I thought it was only hiding line items on invoices and not invoices themselves. Thanks.

Is there way to that through api?

Hey Mobeen,

This is a site wide setting. Once you enable Hide Zero Value Line Items option under billing rules, 0$ invoices wont be generated even if they are created via APIs. 

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